Bras, Bras, Bras

Black Beauty Bra View B

I've remade some of my TNTs recently but I've also tried some new patterns in addition to drafting my own.  I made two Black Beauty Bra's by Emerald Erin, I've also purchased kits from her and it makes bra making easy.  People ask if making a bra is hard and I say no, in terms of sewing if you can sew a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch, you can sew a bra.  I will equate sewing a bra to making pants, sewing them isn't hard, but fitting and finding the right silhouette is the real challenge.  

Adjusted pattern piece to widen back

There are a few Youtube tutorials, Facebook groups and blog post to help the amateur bra maker.  I think a bra with a sew a long is helpful, research bras in your size and watch a few videos before trying, or just jump right in.  Bras are not fabric hogs so you can make one for less than 20 bucks.  I chose the Emerald Erin Black Beauty Bra because during Bra week on Black Women Stitch (Instagram) it was featured and I saw all sizes, shapes and colors so I purchased the pattern.

Back of Black Beauty Bra version 2 wider back

The first bra I made was an all black bra I cut straight out of the package, I believe I made 40 F cup and I used the kit for view A.  As with all sewing patterns, use the pattern's size chart to pick.  It came out good, but I felt there wasn't enough back coverage so I made small tweaks to the pattern for the second version using Liz Sews Youtube tutorial .  And I used another kit from Emerald Erin this time when I made view B with adjustments to the back band.

Black Beauty Bra version 1 

Black Beauty Bra version 1 back as drafted

I've drafted and made sports bra's also, but for indie patterns, I've recently made a Bralette, the Poppy Bralette by House of Morrighan.  I made a size 16 F cup for this bra after making a muslin of the 16D, I fall in between sizes, but most reviewers recommend going up a size on this pattern.

I don't take pictures of myself in my underwear for he inter webs, but I have made bras, panties (self drafted), slips, lingerie, bathing suits, etc.  I will try to share some pictures on big baby (my dress form) but that's it.  I have another Poppy Bralette cut out and I'll try to take pictures of it for the blog on the dress form.

I'm currently playing around with my bodice block and I'm working on creating a dress.  


  1. Bras on forever on my sewing wish list, sis. Right next to jeans. LOL. 2020 will be the year for these. Hopefuly.

    1. Yes the list! I think I've made almost everything at least once except a woven hoodie!

  2. I've been thinking of trying bras, too. I sewed a bralette and panties set earlier this year, and was surprised at how easy it was. But I'll have to work at finding a kit that I like. Maybe after my daughter's twins are born, because I'll need a let-down project after I come home from visiting with them. I've been enjoying following your drafting process for the dresses on IG, btw (if that matters).

    1. Thanks Marjie! Yay more grand babies, how exciting! of course it matters, it has been fun but every once in a while a like to make a commercial pattern.

  3. Sorry, new phone. I’m Jennifer/
    Can anyone recommend a bra for a grandmotherly figure with pendulous breasts? I’ve never made a bra, but it can’t be worse than commercial bras! I do hand sew; the machine & I are not on speaking terms. 😒
    Additionally, what about shape wear? I’ve never tried it out, but plan to wear something to smooth out my torso + hip line. I’ve lost 65 lbs, all in the upper body. However, I think the unevenness & love handles are here to stay!
    I came to sewing late, in my 40s. The historic clothing bug bit me hard.
    From there, while I may only do 1 piece a year, I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole.


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