Black Lives Matter

For the people in the back, the fight for black lives is not new AND this is a humanity issue not a political one.   As I share with you what's important to me, my humanity and my blackness are at the top of the list and they are fundamental to who I am as a person, sewist, wife, mother, daughter, mentor, friend and fat black women.  I can't separate how I fit into the world, my views and sewing without advocating for myself and my brothers and sisters on my blog & social media, they are connected, sorry, not sorry.  

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, below are resources for your reading, watching and donating pleasure.  I will continue to engage my spheres of influence and continue having the hard conversations, sharing the stories, advocating, donating or listening/sharing.  What do I want?  All I want are the provisions of my fundamental rights (familiarize yourself with the 14th amendment) to be honored, for myself and all black lives.  In other words, I want equality and the right to live.  

Please make sure you're registered to vote and you exercise that right on the local, state and federal levels.  Evaluate if party loyalty out-weight the issues and if humanity and the lives of blacks are important to you when you go to the polls., it takes 2 minutes.  

Brands without a culture of diversity and inclusion won't get my money, my support or time.  We have about 150 days before our presidential election (USA), we have time to get smart on issues, party and initiatives.  I realize I'm a nano influencer if I had to be defined but I do get to choose my platforms and what I stand for.  I also give myself permission to use my social media, blog and personal platforms to ensure it's clear what I believe and stand for and speak up for black/human rights, POINT BLANK PERIODT... These are not all my thoughts, just the ones that need to be said NOW.

Here's an excellent read from Miss Celie's Pants , she eloquently put into words what I could not.
Here's an excellent sewing and Black activist's podcast: Stitch Please

Note: I received the following from different sites and I don't own the infographs, if you know the source, I will site and give credit.  Please also do your own research as these resources are not inclusive.  Trolls will not be engaged and deleted immediately.  


  1. Thanks for this Q. Is it okay if I snag these graphics for a post?

    1. Sure! I'm not sure of the source but I don't mind at all.

  2. So many great resources and places to start! Thanks for sharing!


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