Simplicity 9020 Lounge Wear

I've made some new lounge wear!  I like comfy knit pajamas and I was in need of some new ones.  I wanted some button up classic pajamas but I didn't have any satin or silk so I went with this.  Now, these are jogger type pajamas with a bottom band and in seam pockets.  These can be made in a light to medium weight knit and worn as casual wear.  The top is oversized with a a dropped sleeve, I chose short sleeves since it's worn indoors. 

I found the clicky thing!

I used a cotton lycra stretch knit from FabricMart, the fabric is comfy and opaque, not to flimsy.  This pattern has a sleep mask and scrunchy that I didn't make but it's cool to have.   This is a beginner pattern and I will make the pants again, I've made better fitting tops, but for lounge wear with no darts it's fine. 

I cut a medium for the top since it had over 15" of ease which worked well.  I adjusted the shoulders and lowered the marking to make the sleeves just a  little wider.  In the future I'll probably need to move the marking for the sleeve down an inch.   I forgot to lengthen the top so I added a 3" band to the bottom, I like it a lot better, it's similar to the bands on the pants.

I cut the largest size for the bottoms adding to the back inseam 2 "  tapering to nothing at the knee.  This gave me the length I needed for my back crotch length.  After evaluating the fit, I removed 5/8" from the back inseam increasing the back inseam by  1 3/8" instead of 2" on the pattern tissue.  I made this adjustment to give me more thigh room.  I added 1.5" to the center back about hip length to give me a little more length.  I find that sometimes I need the length for the back crotch length below the curve of the back (distance from curve to inseam) and or sometimes I need the length higher up just above my hips.  I also lowered the front crotch length per my usual 2". 

That's it, super simple make easy enough for beginners.  I made this on my machine, since there's no negative ease, I used a jersey needle with a straight 2.6 mm stitch length.  I'm going to cut out the pants in a french terry this weekend and try to get those finished up.  I don't have any other plans right now so maybe I'll start working on pants. 


  1. Loving this pink on you! This looks so cute and comfy

  2. I'm starting on a warm winter dressing gown. It must be PJ season. I love that pink color; it looks really good on you!


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