Cashmerette Rivermont Take 2

I want to share my second (but not last Rivermont).  I really like the style of this dress and I received lots of complements on this print.  This is a Liverpool knit from, I purchased  it at a steal for $3.83, I know right!  This fabric was sold at seven yard increments so I kept checking on it and one day while I was looking for white fabric for my classic white button up, there was four yards left, score!  This dress cost me $10!!!  Now, sewing isn't always cheaper than buying but in this instance, it was not only cheaper, it was better because it fit like a glove and I made it!

I didn't change anything from this version however, when I make this again, I will add about two inches to the hem, make the sleeves 3/4" and I may add side seam pockets.  I think I want to convert the darts to princess seams, they are my favorite darts and, why not?  Also, I'm not feeling the bulky facing, I may self line the bodice. 

I think midi length will be cute too.

Ok, that's it for me, until next time, oh, question, what's your favorite, with or without the belt?


  1. I like it without the belt better. The belt shortens and widens your body.

  2. Wow looks stunning. I have this pattern but was unsure on if I should make it. You just changed my mind. I'm going fabric shop and have a go.

  3. Love your dress! Both ways look great, with a long cardigan and boots, with a red scarf, with an A-line coat, oh, I just just wear this dress a million ways! You look lovely!

  4. It's pretty both ways, but I like it with the belt better. I think it gives your waist definition. But this dress is great; the fabric is fantastic! Fabric Mart always has some amazing bargains.

  5. belt belt belt belt belt!!!!! for the other style, make a belt 2 inch wide in the same fabric as the dress but goodness, with your figure belt belt belt belt!!! you look wonderful


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