Cashmerette Rivermont Take 1

Weird radiating drag lines toward low hip

As one of my essentials, a day dress is on the list.  I believe dresses are like suits, they are the complete package.  This dress was soo comfy and the pattern came in my size so, there's that!  I work in a conservative environment and I don't like to fuss with my clothes and when I mean fuss, most times, I mean I don't like to iron LOL.  Although there are a few issues with this "wearable muslin" I wore it and it was fine, I understand most wont see any issues.   Once I wore this to work, the issues seemed minor.  Also, yay for full length mirrors and selfies!

I added a RTW light weight cardigan for work

This dress is made from a ponte knit so it's sooooooo comfy and the darts make for great shaping.  I made the following adjustments observations:

Side view, waist darts are past my bust apex and a bit too tight at front thigh

  • I cut size 18 C/D cup but I wanted a little more ease so I added 1/2 " to the side seams.  
  • I lengthened the back darts, I used my block to get the right size and position.  
  • I made a broad shoulder adjustment.
  • I did a bicep adjustment
  • I made my normal forward shoulder adjustment.
  • There was some weird tugging at the hip  and front thigh so I used my skirt block and discovered the the back and front were different then my block so I had to straighten the hip curve a bit and then adjust the front and back to mimic my body.
  • I needed more high hip room (see back picture)
  • I pegged the leg an inch front and back.
  • The waist darts on the bodice were way too high so those will need to be shorted by at least an inch.
  • I added two inches to the bodice and I think I only need an inch or so.
  • I trimmed down the facing and basically used it as a binding.
Needed a little extra in back from waist to hip.

I purchased a liverpool knit to remake, it has slightly less stretch than the required fabric so I believe I'll give myself just in case seam allowance of an inch to help with fitting.  I think this pattern can be easily converted to armhole princess seams, and it can be made with woven with adjustments and a zipper.


  1. This looks great, and perfectly suits your work environment.
    I really like Cashmerette patterns, yah cup sizes, and think they suit my shape - chunky,big boobs and no waist. But I'm a short shrunk down version. A 10G/H would be perfect. Do you think it would be hard to size down?

    1. No I don't. Depending on your proportions, it may be as simple as taking in the side seams or you may have to make adjustments to length and neckline, but doable. Make up a muslin and fiddle with it. Good luck!

  2. This is a great dress. I can see it made up in a bunch of different fabrics, and you're right, it's perfect for a more conservative work environment. Cashmerette Patterns are always well done. Happy sewing!

  3. It's a great pattern for an office dress. You see the fit issues much more than the rest of the world does. It looks great with the purple shrug.

    1. I agree, I see it all but like you say, it doesn't really matter!


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