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I wasn't sure if I was done sewing for summer or if I was ready for fall so I just took a break.  I wanted to sew for fall, but wasn't sure where I wanted to start.    I don't "need" anything so as I purged my closet for the fall, I thought about what items I would like to add to my wardrobe.  I got rid of lots of t-shirts, cardigans , jeans and tops.  Mostly I purged ready to wear but there were a few items I made.  I never really thought I'd be still sewing, I didn't start sewing as a kid so I'm not sure when this really stuck, it's now a big part of my life.  I don't have a full me made wardrobe and I think that's probably because of choices I've made and the fact that I chased trendy/popular patterns regardless of my skill level.

I'm way more patient with sewing, possibly making multiple muslins both regular and wearable until i'm happy, there's no rush.   That didn't happen last year, if I didn't like it the first time, I didn't explore how and when I should work with a pattern.  Then I took a drafting class and I realized that even  after drafting a pattern from my measurements, I still needed to work through the kinks before I would be satisfied.  Getting a good/great fit (not perfect) and reusing the pattern with adjustments as to not waste time on refitting new patterns with each new make is my new outlook (that's a mouthful, triple eye roll!). 

One of my sew sisters had a great series on Youtube and she talked about how to cultivate a me made wardrobe and entrepreneurship.  I also have tons of french capsules pinned on my Pinterest boards so this felt like a good direction for me to go in.  I'm making the decision to make my essentials and slowly purge my ready to wear.  I don't have an issue with ready to wear so I don't have a goal to get rid of all of it, but I'd like to make my essentials and obviously fun non essentials.

Some fall/winter essentials for me (from most french capsules and Carol's Youtube series ) are:
  • Classic white button up shirt 
  • Straight skirt
  • Trousers
  • Casual pants
  • Black blazer
  • Coat
  • Pajamas
  • Black dress
  • Day Dress
  • Jeans
  • Casual jacket
  • T shirt
  • Pullover blouse
  • Sweater
Now, I've made all of these things before which is great but I don't currently have all of them in my wardrobe, nor do I need all of these items right now.  Actually, I don't think I've made jeans I've worn outside (LOL) but that's not bad, right?  In no order, I'll start working on my list over the next few months.   

I want to make another straight skirt underlined with silk organza to see if I can alleviate the bagging I experience even with a lining.  I'm cutting out a robe which counts as pajamas and I may make a gown not sure yet.  Finally, I have a utility type jacket pattern prepped and I'd like to get that done before the end of October.

Up next week is the shirt pattern I'm using for the classic white button up.  I've made two different muslins and two finished shirts from this pattern so I'm confident my white shirt will be great.  I have pictures on my dress form coming next week and hopefully I'll get styled photos.


  1. The silk organza underlining on your straight skirt will change EVERYTHING! This is how I made my straight skirts when I wore professional clothing to work. The silk organza holds everything together and is such an easy step to add. Definitely make a skirt using it, you won't regret it! Oh and use REAL silk organza not poly or something else.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy I'm on the right track to fix my issue with the silk organza.

  2. I can't wait to see your white top, I've been wanting to sew one forever!

    1. It's coming a long, I'm not sure if I love the fabric ( not completely opaque) but it will be worn!

  3. Sometimes you need to step back and think about what you're doing. Looks like you have a plan going forward, whereas I just keep churning things out, don't know what all I've got, and even hate some of them. Oh, well, keeps me busy and sane.

    1. I do and I'm happy, not sure how long my plans will last, but I do have a few. I think it's ok to keep busy and truthfully sometimes you won't know if you like it until you try so making a bunch of things is great as long as you enjoy the process and it's fun!


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