Are You Ready for Fall Sewing?

So, I'm not quite sure what I want to sew, nothing is really speaking to me at this point but there are tons of things I want to make.  During some of the semi annual sales, I purchased lots of work clothes.  I don't mind ready to wear at all, actually one of the reasons I first start sewing was to alter my clothes.  I purchases some work pants recently and took the waist in and now they fit great.  I really like the weight of the fabric and the recovery.  Sometimes it's hard for me to find the right weight of fabric, both bottom weight and knit.  My Joann has a small selection of both and I like what I've purchased, but sometimes it's not what I want.

I'm tossing up the idea of heading to the Garment District twice a year to get some fabrics ( along with my annual trip to Fabric Mart), I really like the prices and the ability to touch and feel my fabric.  Anyway, on to fall sewing, are you ready?  I can truly say I don't need a lot, so I'm trying to fill in gaps, I think I say this every few posts (insert eye roll).

Although I don't need much there are a few tops I'd like to make, a few skirts and a black blazer are my short term goals.  I'm not sure but these will most likely be transitional pieces, I guess this is a good place to start LOL with my whole, I don't know what to make crap (insert triple eye roll).

I don't follow trends to the tee but there are a few I would like to try for fall/winter: quilted, classic, animal print, green, bold art print or tye dye to name a few.  It still needs to be wearable for me so I'll work on how to use the fabric I have (with some new pieces) to make this work.

For fall, I'm thinking:

Trench coat (Classic with a twist maybe color block, accent stitching or piping)
Cocoon or simple car coat ( animal print , felted wool or quilted)
Casual unlined Anorak ( quilted or bold print  or classic pistachio or green)
Corduroy midi skirt
Denim A line midi skirt
Holiday dresses (2-3) (at least one knit, one shiny and maybe one of lace think romantic period piece)
Jumpsuit (1 Casual & 1 Dressy)
Photo Credit

Photo Credit

I've already made the Ashley Nell Tipton for Simplicity trench coat, but it was very light weight, I'm thinking the Cashmerette Chilton, not sure of the car coat,  maybe the Jalie Tania Coatigan modified?  I'm sure I've seen a Burda Magazine coat or a Style Arc coat.  I like the coat in the second photo,  giving me Chanel vibes, I'll keep looking for patterns to match my goals.  But for now, I think I can make a few tops from TNTs.

Are you ready for fall sewing or are you still sewing for summer?


  1. No I'm not thinking about fall. As long as my air conditioning is blowing full blast, I can wait until cooler weather appears to think about fall sewing. Especially since I plan on wearing summer clothing into September.

  2. I'm going to visit my daughter in Knoxville next week; it's definitely still summer there, as well as here. I'll start thinking about fall after I return, and start sewing for fall the first weekend of September, other than clothes for a trip with my other daughter the first week of November....but that doesn't count as regular fall sewing, right? ;-)

  3. I'm finishing up summer sewing this week so Fall items are definitely nipping at my heels! I've pulled out Fall fabrics and even matched a few with patterns. Fall is my favorite season so I'm ready, Karen

  4. I usually start fall sewing in August but this year, will be postponing a bit. The few things I'm sewing now, I'm aiming for them to be transitional pieces. I just finished NL6459 and want to batch-sew 2 more pair. Really digging the pattern! I do have a short fall list though. Mostly new McCall's patterns but this Vogue release did me in so we'll see if any of those make it in :-p I neeeeeeeeed a new trench but will once again, have to delay it and have it available for spring and then NEXT fall. I think my Burda got edged out and I'll be making the Guy Laroche from the latest Vogue release.

  5. I am almost ready for Fall sewing. I really need some Work pieces, so I will dive into those, then work my way back around to Fall. I love your inspiration photos, and hope you get to knock off items from your list!


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