What I've been up to: Cleaning up and Machine Embroidery

So, what have I been up to?  Well, I'm still working on my pants, I have the second version of the pattern traced out and I hope to sew it up sometime this week.  I took some time off from the pants to really get my fabric stash together.  I felt like my space, desires and fabric were not connected lol, can you relate?  I had lots of fabric that I've gotten in NYC, Pennsylvania and Denver along with my online purchases shoved in a closet (I don't have before pictures, ughh, insert eye roll).

My hubby moved his office downstairs and freed up the closet for me, what did I do to deserve this!  So, to show my appreciation,  I put the area to good use.  I really like this better, I feel like a big girl and not just someone dibbling and dabbing in sewing, this is the real deal!!!  I still have a few things to work on, patterns, patterns, patterns, and scraps (insert quadruple eye roll).  I purchased an IKEA cabinet months ago and when I realized all my patterns wouldn't fit, in classic Laquana, I shut down, shut the door and pretended the problem didn't exist (sigh, crying emoji, eye roll emoji, LOL I know I'm silly to write them out but here are the emojis lol 😩😢 🙄 🤣)

I can fit roughly 400 patterns in this cabinet.

I'm a big girl and I need to address this foolishness.   I have probably 200 plus patterns that I can afford to purge (insert eye roll) . I wanted to sell some of these patterns (not really going to happen) or give them away.  I really want some parameters with patterns, I have to have boundaries, right??? More so, I have too many of the same type of garment, or items that don't fit my needs ( sound like a broken record here).  I think this is the hardest part of purging fabric and patterns, what if my taste change back and I have to repurchase that would have been a waste of money right?  OMG I need help...

I have a solution for my PDF patterns, IG came to the rescue and I will hang them on pattern hooks on my cheap garment rack that I don't use, yay!  Now, I have to find a hole punch.  As for the scraps, I'm going to use the larger pieces as muslin, smaller pieces for crafts ( I like to make small gifts) and donate the rest.  I think I will give away a good portion of the patterns or do a swap, what do you think?  If I have duplicates, I think I can donate to the Salvation Army or local area that teaches sewing, I'm bad about that.  Ok, as a person who identifies as a Millennial, I really like organizations with active and current websites, I really hate having to call people for stuff that can be found on a website or Facebook group, ugh!  I need to do better, I know, (insert eye roll).  I say this because, this is why I'm bad about local places, I have to go over there, talk to someone who isn't sure, call back and then go back, not a good use of my time!   I know, I'll do better.  I don't mind talking to people, I do mind making multiple trips or calls, anyway, maybe that's just my small town.

And last but not least, I've been embroidering.  Embroidery is a fun way to personalize my sewing projects, mostly gifts.  I really like personalizing things and this was a great way to do it.  I'm learning and so far I've made a few key chains, personalized book marks and embroidered names on a few things.  I have a Brother SE400 4x4 that's at least 5 years old that my daughter used briefly (insert eye roll) and working on Brother PE800.

Last minute gift, purchased bib and blanket, I waited too long to make one (insert eye roll)

I love her, I need to work on the density of the stitch, again sewing friends to the rescue with solutions.

Book band and hand sanitizer case for my daughter, I made me a small one, it's at the bottom of my purse (insert eye roll).

That's it for now, I'm trying to decide on what I'm going to wear for the Day and Night dress challenge and pull a few top patterns to fill in my wardrobe gaps.


  1. I tell people when they're not sure about patterns, to organize them and set them up for storage. As you go through the patterns, the ones you don't want will become apparent. Donate them first. Wait a few months and go through them again. You will find more that you don't want/need and can donate those. My final suggestion is to purchase more selectively. There are sooooooo many pattern options out there now that I understand how you can buy more than you need. As for fabric scraps, I'm getting ready to do a big donation of them too. I found two Rubbermaid tubs of them in the sewing room (how did that happen?!) so they need to go!

    1. I like that idea, I'm also donating all patterns that need to be graded, I'm done with that!

  2. Congrats on your new space! I like the plans you have.


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