2018 Top Nine and Fan Favorites

Hi there!  So, Instagram/IG is my social media platform of choice, Twitter is a close second and Facebook is, well, it's Facebook (insert eye roll).  I've met so many wonderful people through sewing and IG and I'm looking forward to meeting more! Top Nine is an Instagram thing, an opportunity for you to see your top nine Instagram posts.  For the sake of this post, I also have a few posts on the blog that are fan favorites.

Before I share these, I just want to say, thanks for reading my blog, inspiring me and supporting me, it means a lot to me!  For 2018 I tried a lot of things, I went to two sewing retreats and met some amazing, amazing people!!!  Meeting folks was the best for me, I love experiences and getting to know people, the sewing community is the best, hands down!  Also, I was featured on Pattern Review (swoon), I wrote a few articles for Sewn magazine (swoon ) and I sold a few handmade items.

Top 3 Fan favorites from the blog:

Battle of the FBAs- Ogden Cami
Badgley Mischka gown V1374
Corrected Muslin Vogue 9197

Top nine:

M7833  Can a dress be too sexy? nope!
Appleton Dress And the perfect wrap dress!
M7838  Victorian sleeves or 1980's?
V1374 Sexy dress with an open back, yes, please!

S8472  I love a trench coat!
Skirt block and B5526   Everyone should have a skirt block and button up shirt!
Concord T-shirt dress hack  Everyone should have a TNT pattern that delivers!

I don't have any resolutions or anything like that, but in 2019, going forward, I want to use my blog more as a journal.  I've always posted finished projects, mostly successes, not many failures and not many "this is what I'm thinking" posts.  However, I want to talk more about the process, my fears (ughh triple eye roll), other things I'm doing and my thoughts.  I'm not making some grand declaration to post weekly (insert eye roll), but I will be consistent.  I received a tripod and clicky thing, so more photos to come without my photographer, she's still around, but sometimes she isn't available.  

In 2019, I'll push myself to learn new sewing techniques and perfect known techniques and do the hard thing (or hard to me).  What I've learned about myself is, I harp on things and that paralyzes me, it takes me a bit to get going (another time waste) and I always go the easy fast route (insert quadruple eye roll).  I really, really, really need to be ok with things not being perfect and enjoy myself, learning and messing up.  Whether it's fear of failure, procrastination or whatever, I find my self wasting time when I could just get it done.  Getting in there and doing it (whatever that thing is), is the key AND getting out of my own way is my theme for 2019.

I have lots of other things I want to make in addition to garments, I love to make personalized gifts and I want to try a few home decor projects.  Finally, I'm really considering breaking up with Blogger, I've talked about this a bit but I'm seriously considering it (quadruple eye roll), I really appreciate Blogger, It's all I've know for the last few years.  I just feel like things could be better, I just wish Google would devote some more time and some additional resources to updating it, ugh!!!!

What would you like to see more of in the next few months?  What will you be doing more of?  Again, thank you for a great year and here's to 2019!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your stellar makes again this year. Your blog is truly inspirational.

  2. I'm a blog reader and very much enjoy reading about others sewists projects. Please continue at whatever pace works for you.

  3. So many wonderful things for the year! I am glad you will be posting more when you can. I enjoy reading your blog in general. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Vanessa, looking forward to this year.

  4. Google has completely abandoned Blogger it seems. It's so frustrating :(
    You had a great year and once again...THAT TRENCH COAT!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I think I want to make it again 🥰. What do we do about blogger?


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