McCalls 2260 1 Hour Vest- Urban Cowgirl

Styled with RTW tie neck shirt and jeans.

Ahh, don't you love overcast skies??  I wanted an excuse to wear my belt buckle and cowboy boots.  The kids that come into the office love to see all the superheros and princesses dressed up for Halloween.  I took this basic pattern and some discount fabric from Joann to make this western inspired vest.

The vest is super easy, I used a microfiber novelty fabric and made view G without the buttons.  The sizing is very generous, I purchased size XL which is 20-22.  I initially sized up as per my normal but backed out the adjustment when it was too big.   If I would have buttoned it, I would have left the extra ease.

I did my normal length adjustment by adding two inches at the lengthen/shorten line.  I did a forward shoulder adjustment but I didn't do my normal broad shoulder adjustment. Although this was a vest and the underarm seam is intended to be lower, I would raise it 3/4' to 1" and bring it in a little at the underarm so it doesn't sag but fits nicely under the arm.  There is some easing under the arm required but I may just shorten the front armscye length, I'm not sure.

I intended to make a gingham shirt and I put the sleeve in and during the fitting, I realized I didn't do a bicep adjustment!  How the heck did I forget that?? (insert triple eye roll)  I traced off the sleeve when I made it the last time and it was a short sleeve, for this shirt I wanted long sleeve so I used the original sleeve pattern piece.  I should have lengthened the traced sleeve, ugh!!  It's hung up to address later, maybe I'll lose ten pounds  or maybe I'll recut the sleeve if I have enough fabric.  Ya'll know I always have a story lol!  In terms of the sewing time, I think an hour is probably about right, but that doesn't count stopping to trim seams or press, but actually sewing machine time.

I can't seam to get on my pants block, I don't know why, I have to be in the mood I guess.  I want to make a cardigan, a car coat (light weight coat), finish a few skirts and some tops.  Oh, there's some special occasion attire and holiday dresses I want to make and Christmas gifts..  I think these are the things I want to make for the fall/winter.


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