T Shirt Dress Hack- Fit and Flare

I got the bright idea to make an adjustment to a current T- shirt dress.  I'm soo, trying to get better at pattern hacking, but it takes some work.   I know that most patterns are just basic blocks that have design details, but I'm not a designer so I don't think like a designer.  Now, I know what I like when I see it and when looking at RTW I do see things I like that look pretty simple to recreate.  Some stuff has me scratching my head on how to make it and other things are very simple. 

How about those shoes?

I didn't start sewing to be a designer, I started so I could learn how to fit ready to wear clothes.  After messing around with RTW, I realized I could make many of the same things, insert pattern addition and all there options.  I'm ok with not being a designer and or a technical pattern drafter,  I really enjoy recreating things I see, I also don't mind RTW.  I still purchase clothes albeit I try to ensure their ethically made and extra points for being made by a small business.   I buy ready to wear because I buy what I want as long as it fits and or I can make easy adjustments to get it to fit.  Also, not everyone can make their clothes and there should still be representation in the stores imo and I try to support.  I also find nice fabric, patterns and styles in RTW so I still buy clothing.   In the beginning, I only purchased pants because I couldn't get them to fit but now that I'm learning fit and also how to clone RTW, I buy pants because I like them and they are probably a good price.

I made this fit and flare dress without making a separate bodice and skirt piece, I think another variation of this should be a separate bodice and skirt but no waist band.  I guesstimated on the length so it was too short so I made a last minute "design "change by adding a band to the bottom.

Check out those DIY pattern weights

To get this look, I added eight inches to the front and back side seams and graded to nothing at the waist.  I guess you could slash and spread, but I wanted to try this technique and it's supper easy.  I rounded off the bottom a little bit and constructed it just like I did the t-shirt dress.  I used an interlock knit pre-cut ( I HEART precuts) from FabricMart.  Originally I used the fabric for a maxi skirt, the skirt was too heavy and I didn't like it so a refashion!!

Are you a pattern hacker?  Do you have a easy method to adjust your favorite patterns?  Do you like my house shoe inspired slides lol? Up next are a few tops I've made recently that I finally got photographed and a plans post of some work wear pieces that I need.


  1. Fantastic job on your new dress and I love the shoes!

  2. Great Job!! I'm thinking about a Cashmerette Concord or Springfield hack for a trip coming up this summer. I appreciate your tips!

  3. It looks nice with all your changes! I like to adjust patterns I sew, but haven't gotten into any hacking yet.


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