Simplicity 8612 - Ashley Nell Tipton Wrap Skirt

It's not as warm as you would think it is, but looking at this outfit, can you tell I'm ready for spring?  I took this skirt to sew camp and this is one of the two projects I completed over that weekend.  This is a wearable muslin, anytime I make a garment the first time, for me it's a wearable muslin.  I'm not a fan of muslin fabric because I need to sit and move around in my garment before I make it in a really nice fashion fabric.

I'm not necessarily a ruffles person, I don't know why, but like lace, I have to be in the mood to sew and or wear it.  I made view c because it required the least amount of fabric since I was working with a remnant.  I didn't have much bottom weight fabric at the time so I didn't have a lot of options in my stash to make this up in.  I remedied that and now I have a bunch of bottom weight and blouse/shirt/dress weight fabric!  I didn't intend on taking this to sew camp, I decided to take it because I wanted something simple and I really didn't know what to expect from the weekend.  Also, we were in the middle of a Nor 'easter and I really didn't feel inspired to make spring clothes lol.  I will plan better for my September trip and hopefully I can get more projects completed.

Pattern Description:  
These easy-to-sew wrap skirts in women sizes 18W - 34W are designed by Ashley Nell Tipton. Skirts can be made in mini, knee and mid-calf lengths. Create a raw edge ruffle or add trim to elevate the look.
SEWING LEVEL: Beginner (one buttonhole, no zippers, a few pattern pieces, simple seams and style lines)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Sort of, I didn't add the ruffle.
Were the instructions easy to follow?  
Yes, they were easy for the view I did, I didn't add the ruffle, but the instructions are straight forward.  I do like the hemming technique of basting your 5/8 inch hem allowance and then forming a narrow hem, I use this a lot for hemming.  This technique gives you a guide when pressing and to me if your stitch is straight, your hem will be even all the way around.  Also, it makes pressing faster, just follow your basting stitch.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  
I like that this is a size inclusive plus size pattern and I like that the the back and front pattern pieces  have darts for shaping, not just rectangles.  I also like the length and trim variations.  The only dislike is that the pattern doesn't come with carries for your ties.  I think belt loop type carriers would be valuable as it would keep the ties smooth in the back.

Not a dislike more so than an observation, I think leaving the side seam partially opened on the waistband so the left tie could wrap around finishing with hand stitching  would be easier than a buttonhole, but I'm OK with the buttonhole too.

Fabric Used:
Camo printed cotton twill remnant from Joann fabrics.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  
I used a remnant so I left off the ruffle trim and added a contrasting double fold bias binding.  I added five  inches to length and  I cut a 22W adding to the side seams for just in case at the waist and graded up to the 26w at the hip so it would give me more ease.  The fabric was stiffer than recommended, in a lighter weight fabric with more drape, I could probably size down.

Fit evaluation:

Unbalanced hem.  High in the front,  pooling at back waist and slight hike in back

Slight pooling, carriers would be nice in back.

The skirt hem isn't balanced and the front is too long.  I will need to adjust the front pieces and do a full butt adjustment so my hem will be even.  I'll also need a sway back adjustment.   I didn't hem the skirt so it was a little long, I may shave off  between 1/2 inch to one inch increasing the length by four inches instead of five.  The finished length for view c was 20 inches, I'm 5'9" so I'm most comfortable with a 24"/25" hem.  When adding the bias binding, I completely forgot to trim back the hem allowance, I'll add that as a note to the instructions if I use bias binding to finish the hem int he future.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, and yes.  I want to make the other views.  My fabric had no drape so in a tencel or lightweight denim/chambray or challis, it would hang nice.  This is a basic wrap skirt and for the sale price in the USA, it's a good deal, there are some options to make this unique by using different fabrics and trims.


  1. I think the skirt looks great! I am with you on making a wearable muslin first. I learned that the hard way in January when I ruined 3 separate fabric cuts I loved! Other times I just baste-fit if the design is fairly simple. Nice job!

  2. That is a really pretty print and a great skirt!


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