M7052 + Longer peplum remake

I really like the long peplum look on tops and jackets.  I think it adds a nice feature to garments and they are flattering.  I've been on this "hacking" rampage trying to get the most use out of my patterns.  I mean, I've spent so much time adjusting them to my body, it just seems wrong to only use the pattern once, right?

I purchased this bandana print locally, it says Chambray, but it wasn't as drapey as the rayon Modal or Tencel chambray, but I wanted to give it a try.  This fabric is light weight, but doesn't have the drape I would like, a little more structure so great for the peplum, but not as nice for the bodice top.

I've reviewed the pattern here so I won't do another review, but I will tell you what changes I made.   The pattern is currently out of print (OOP), for this version, I made view A with sleeves, cutting size 22 D cup grading to 24 at the waist.   I lengthened the back peplum piece eight inches, and I lengthened the front peplum piece six inches.  I placed the front and back together at the side seam to make sure there would be a smooth curve before I cut out my fabric. 

Note for next time:
All though this is a multi cup pattern,  the bust apex and dart are about two inches too high and need to be lowered for me.  I need to adjust the shoulder a bit and lower the necklines about an inch or two in the front and back.  Also, I think a zipper would allow me to get a more fitted look if I use this type a fabric again (this was a note in my original review about the zipper, should have read it first)  Finally, a rayon Challis with the lowered neckline may drape a lot nicer and closer to the body.

What say you, are you a fan of peplums, do you like hacking your patterns to get maximum usage?


  1. I love this, especially the length. I didn't care for peplums because of my body type--I tried it once and gave up. BUT--reading your post I just realized I was using the wrong kind of fabric. I may try this again--using rayon challis or another lightweight drapey fabric.

    1. Yes, something with good drape will look good!

  2. Great make and you look nice in it too!


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