Remake: M7313 + spring dress for brunch

I was invited to a Jazz brunch by my cousin and I knew I wanted to make something to wear.  Well, life got in the way, and I didn't finish the dress I wanted to make.  I was a little upset, because I really, really like wearing what I make so my husband asked if I could make something this morning.  I wasn't sure, but I saw Judith Dee on Instagram and she just made M7313.  I said, wait, I have that pattern and I love that pattern and that pattern is super easy!  I pulled it out and used this super cute Liverpool knit from LA finch Fabrics.  Liverpool is a knit with crepe texture, very yummy and easy to work with.

Here's the first review of M7313 here.

This dress was easy to make, it's a learn to sew pattern from McCall's so it has the beginner in mind.  I cut size 22 and made view E.  I did my normal forward shoulder adjustment (because I slouch when I sit and walk, Ughh) and I did a FBA to address the issues I had in the first dress and that was it.  I followed the directions on everything except the narrow hem, knits do not fray so I didn't do a narrow hem on the sleeve and hem,  I pressed a 5/8 inch hem and used my stretch stitch on my machine to hem.

I didn't have enough time to mess with the twin needles and I don't usually turn and top stitch the neckline, but again, I was on a time crunch, it worked out though!  I also didn't lengthen the bodice or skirt, because they were long enough for me, I usually lengthen 2 inch on the skirt and one inch on the bodice depending on how the pattern's drafted.  This dress is easy enough for a beginner, I recommend it and I will make it again!

What say you, have you ever sewn M7313?  Do you have a go to pattern that will save the day?


  1. I love that pattern and an going to pick it up today!! That's just the style I like, coll and comfortable. You did a GREAT job!!


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