Top of the Morning! M720+ Emerald green top

I believe the holidays, seasons, etc are good times to make things specific to that time.  I used to bake cookies or make traditional meals during the "holiday" but now, I like to sew something that is representative or captures the spirit of the day.   I don't have much green in my closet so, this was the perfect time to sew something up.  I didn't have anything in the que to sew for St. Patrick's day but while I was at a big box store I saw all the St. Patty's day stuff out so a light bulb when off.  I wanted to try another view of M7020 so I purchased an inexpensive emerald green novelty knit with some metallic thread through out.  Here is the link to my other review of M7020.

I made view E of M7020, which was a cowl neck.  It sewed up well, but I just don't care for how the cowl hangs.  It has a lot of fabric in t he front and looks awkward to me.  I took the center front seam in a bit but it still didn't hang the way I like.  I know some people attach a small weight to their cowls to get them to hang right and maybe I will try that before remaking this.  I wanted to try this view because I haven't seen another review for this view and was curious.

Overall M7020 is a good pattern, it's drafted to be oversize so the design is very forgiving, I think the sleeves are a little contrary to the rest of the pattern in terms of how fitted they are, but not a deal breaker.  This is the 4th time I've made this pattern so it'll be benched for a while, I can proudly say that I've made every view of this pattern successfully.

Shoulders are stabilized with stay tape.  The above picture captures the metallic threads in the knit.

Are you still wearing sweaters in this weather?  Have you tried M7020, do you like it?

Have you tried this pattern out yet, do you sew for each holiday and season?