Remake of B5211+ the dress

I have so many things I want to make and the newness and potential of each pattern calls to me.  The rational side of me says, make as many of this one pattern as you can so you can move on to something else.  The impulsive side says, cut them all, make them all now!! lol  I try not to listen to the irrational side, I always rush through the garments and I end up hating my makes. 

This time, I erred on the rational side this month and made multiple views of this pattern before putting it away.  I know there are some sewist who make a pattern once and never look back, I don't.  As much time as I spend fitting a pattern, I will make it until I get sick of looking at it!  Also, I get faster with each make so I really like the feeling of completion.

This is view B of Butterick 5211 in a rayon ponte.  I added 3 inches to the length of the dress and top stitched the neckline.  Other than that, I followed the instructions to a "T" and it came out good.  I think If I make this again, I may consider adding back darts, nothing fancy.  Here is the tunic I made using this pattern.