Pattern Review: M7195 + the perfect fit.

I have worked out the kinks in this top and I really like the fit.  I guess I like tunics, because I want to make this longer.  I was getting worried, because I couldn't get the neckline right but I'm happy I stuck with it.

I've already reviewed M7195 but these are the changes I made to this version:

I did a 1 inch cheater FBA, I graded from between XL and XXL to normal size 24 at bust, waist and hem. I did a small round back adjustment to get a better shoulder fit and I eased the fullness into the neckband and that didn't work, I had to take a dart at the neckline about 3/4 inch since I didn't do a shoulder dart for the extra fullness in the back (lazy).  The neckline is large for me so adding more to the back made it worse, I need to add a dart in the neckline adjustment to the pattern before cutting is necessary for me for both the bodice front, back and neckband. 

I lengthen my normal 2" on front and back bodice pieces.   I did my normal sleeve adjustment of adding 2" and a 1.5 inch full bicep adjustment.   I did a round back adjustment which wasn't needed, but I instead need a 3/4 inch wide back/shoulder adjustment.  I did my normal 5/8 inch forward shoulder adjustment.  I made front and back bodice pieces the same length so I believe view b.  I will make this with the band at the bottom since I have the fit just the way I want it and possibly longer like a tunic.